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Glass Partitioning London


Akenstone Berkeley provide a high quality and contemporary range of office glass partitions. Operating in the London area, we can create an office environment designed around you and installed to the highest standards. The challenge of the modern office is how to provide enough privacy, quiet, and a pleasant space conducive with concentration, and yet provide a light aesthetically pleasing space that is very much in touch with the rest of the office. Our glass partition systems combine the best of both of worlds of vision and privacy, and can provide a feeling of space, with aesthetically pleasing focal points.

The clarity and vision of our glass partitions is maintained by the unobtrusive aluminium tracks at the top and the bottom of the 10 or 12mm toughened glass panels, and the clear or crystal clear silicone sealing.

glass partitions london

This feeling of open space feeling can be further maintained by frameless glass doors, although aluminium framed doors combined with glass or veneered doors can also be used. The aluminium frames can even be coloured to fit the overall design scheme.

If artistic designs or logos are needed, these can be applied to our glass partitions, and manifestation film can be fitted to glass panels to enable them to be more visible.

Click on our glass partitions page to see just some of our installations.

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